1) Attendance to the Year Seminar has four directions 1) add to experience 2) two year certificate 3) four year diploma 4) research: do I need to make a decision and communicate this to NAAP concerning the direction I intend to follow? No, in the course of the first year you will be invited to make your decision, and decision delayed even to the second year is without repercussion. 
2) May I follow the Year Seminar without committing to further Training? YES 
3) Is the Year Seminar suitable for a first acquaintance with Jung’s psychology as well as for increased depth? Yes, everyone enters from where they are.  
4) Is it required that I have been working with clients? For your own process it is helpful, but not required to participate in the Year Seminar.
5) Is the NAAP (four year) Training the official licensed IAAP Training?Yes, seehttps://iaap.org/group-members-societies/
6) Is the Year Seminar 2021-2022, the first year of the four year Training? YES
7) The NAAP four year Training is much less expensive compared to the equivalent Training in Zurich (C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich and International School for Analytical Psychology, ISAP). How is that possible?The NAAP Training is non-profit, and does not have the high overhead costs, such as are incurred by salaries for administrators.
8) Why is the first Year Seminar presented as an “opstap” / “step up”?The NAAP needs some breathing space to get everything up and running, for example, time to arrange the administration for your application.
9) What are the advantages for me to join the Year Seminar 2021-2022? Your four year Training will start with a “Tailor Made” year, tailored to support your process. Should you follow the two year certificate route, your first year is (also) “Tailor Made”.
10) May I start the first year Training next year, commencing with the Year Seminar 2022-2023?No, Year Seminar 2022-2023 is the second year of the Training.
11) When is the deadline for registration for the Year Seminar 2021-2021? The deadline for registration is 13 September.
12) What are the times of the meetings: Fridays: 19:00-21:00 CET, Saturdays: 10:30-13:00 CET.