Glimpses through the veil: Encounters with the numen of clinical work.
Lezing van Donald Kalsched, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 11 december 2018, CG Jung Institute Atlanta, 12 juni 2015

‘How Are Women Today? Feminism, Love & Revolution’.
Susie Orbach in gesprek met Stefano Carpani, 19 november 2018

‘Who was Sandor Ferenczi?’
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic in gesprek met Stefano Carpani, 28 okt. 2018

About Otto Gross: ‘The personal is the political’.
G.M. Heuer in gesprek met Stefano Carpani, 18 september 2018

‘C.G. Jung and Painting the Unconscious’.
Phil M. Meister in gesprek met Stefano Carpani , 14 sep. 2018

Lecture/workshop Transformational Process in the Psychoanalysis of Trauma , deel 1 (zie ook deel 2, 3, 4)
Meer lezingen van Donald Kalsched, juni 2015