Interested in Analytical Psychology? The NAAP provides the general public and mental health clinicians with open educational programs on central topics of Analytical Psychology. These are offered via lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and small discussion groups.
An interest is the only requirement. The Public Programs provide an opportunity to begin or to continue to deepen the understanding of Analytical Psychology and related fields such as mythology, religion, history, anthropology and the creative arts.

An interest in C. G. Jung’s scope of study is welcomed at public programs offered by IAAP certified Analytical Psychologists. The IAAP Analytical Psychologists who present at these events are specialists in their particular fields. Mental health practitioners may want to benefit from attending the NAAP public program as part of their continuing professional development. Training Candidates in the NAAP Diploma in
Analytical Psychology Program are encouraged to attend these open educational programs as part of their study.
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