Program Seminar Alchemy as symbol language

Five workshops will be given, each on a Saturday, 13:30 – 16:00.
Dates in 2018: 6 and 20 October; 3 November, a second workshop on 17 November.
Dates in 2019: 23 February and 23 March
Location: Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2C,1017 SJ Amsterdam

Following on the acclaim for his workshop Peter Forshaw agrees to give a second Alchemy workshop on 17 November. Registration is open.

Alchemy was a branch of nature philosophy where the adept speculatively and experimentally investigated these properties. Alchemical texts and emblems are for modern man relatively obscure and mysterious. Carl Jung discovered in these texts a symbolic language in which deep psychological patterns emerge having been projected by the adept into the observed transformations. With this interpretation Jung gave to the old nature philosophy (that was not yet influenced by the later enlightenment) a wholly new and now psychological meaning.

6 October 2018, in English
Dr. Peter Forshaw: The Alchemists’ Images

20 October 2018, in English
Dr. Barbara Miller: Correspondence, Soul and Immortality in Chinese Inner Alchemy and analytical psychology

3 November 2018, in English
Dr. Barbara Miller: Self-Cultivation, Return and Unity in Chinese Inner Alchemy and analytical psychology

23 February 2019, in English (unlike earlier message)
Dr. Hans van den Hooff: Alchemy and psychic transformation, part 1: Solutio, Coagulatio, Morteficatio,

23 March 2019, in English (unlike earlier message)
Dr. Hans van den Hooff: Alchemy and psychic transformation, part 2: Transference, counter-transference and C G Jung, Collected Works volume 14, Mysterium Coniunctionis,

Recommended Literature:

Edward F. Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche, Open Court Publishing Company.

The Presenters:

Dr. Peter Forshaw is Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor for History of Western Esotericism in the Early Modern Period at the Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, University of Amsterdam. He is well known for his extensive research on the complex hieroglyphic and theosophical figures and the interplay of alchemy, magic and cabala in the Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae – Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom (1595/1609) of Heinrich Khunrath (1560-1605). He directs the Ritman Research Instituut.

Dr. Hans van den Hooff is analyst (C.G. Jung) with a practice in Amsterdam and Hilversum. He is member of the Independent Group of Analytical Psychology (IGAP), Nederlandse Associatie voor Analytische Psychologie (NAAP) and International Association for Analytical Psychology.

Dr. Barbara Helen Miller has her analytical practice in Hilversum. She holds the Master of Arts in Psychology and Religion, the Ph.D. in Anthropology. She graduated from the C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich, and is member of IAAP, AGAP, en NAAP.