Martine Meijer

M.A., IAAP Diploma Jungian Psychoanalyst

Languages: Dutch, German, French, English
Geographic region of practice: Practice and workshops in The Hague and Utrecht; nature retreats Terschelling

T: 06 2737 9222 | E: | W:

Martine Meijer


IAAP Diploma Jungian Psychoanalyst, Co-Director The Jung Center Bangalore , Leiden University Law Degree


Adults for analytical therapy / coaching and for analysis. Because of her own experience of living in many different cultures Martine Meijer welcomes expatriates and offers them the possibility to communicate in their own language

About me

Martine Meijer has a long experience with and love for working with people. She is motivated by depth psychology’s potential for profound transformation at the level of soul and body. Her way of working is inspired by her own practice of the arts, authentic movement, music and meditation. Previously, she worked as a lawyer, a manager in international organisations and she facilitated training and workshops in the field of depth psychology and the expressive arts.