Marlies van Boxtel

M.A., Executive Committee Member NAAP

Languages: English, Dutch
Geographic region of practice: The Hague and Marbella, Spain
T: 06 27 320 264 | E: | W:


Certified Jungian Analyst, M.A. Clinical Psychology


Clients who:

  • Are interested in personal development
  • Are being confronted with depression or burnout
  • Face relationship problems
  • Are dealing with severe loss, such as: loss of a spouse, broken relationship, job loss

About me

I began my practice in Santa Fe N.M., in 1988 and trained as a Jungian analyst in Santa Fe N.M., Zurich, and the Netherlands, earning my certification as Jungian Analyst in 2007. At the moment I am practicing in the Netherlands as well as in Marbella, Spain. It is a multicultural multilingual practice.
As we face the crises, the changes, the business of life, how do we maintain a balance?
What causes the fear and stress one experiences, beyond the most evident reason? In my practice it is about finding the deeper buried cause, searching for its root and working through it, as only then a lasting change can be made possible. A structural inner change so that the problem will not later on, sometimes in a different form, reappear. Instead, something new can develop out of the process, exploring and implementing new ways of interacting in the world.