Inger van Lamoen

M.D./General Practitioner


General Practitioner, Member of both the IAAP and the NAAP

About me

Inger worked for 30 years as a General Practitioner. Starting in 1982, she began to use art therapy in working with the drawings that had been made by her patients suffering with assorted, serious problems. At around this time she also took part in many workshops offered by Gregg Furth.

She became a member of both the IAAP and the NAAP by following an individual route.

She is particularly interested in the symbolic expression of the unconscious that is evinced in drawings and other visual work. She began her exploration by working with the drawings made by clients and through them gained much experience and many insights into this field. She was, thus, inspired to write a book on this subject, Picture Book of the Mind: Imagery in Psychotherapy as an illustrated testament to the importance of this field. Although she no longer practices therapy, she does offer supervision and advice to other therapists in how to develop the skill of using visual methods for analysis and therapy.