Marcel van den Akker

Ph.D., clinical psychologist / psychotherapist,
International Association for Analytical Psychology certified Jungian psychoanalyst

Languages: Dutch, English
Location of practice: Sassenstraat 53, 8011PB Zwolle
T: 06-13979208 | E: | W:


Master Clinical and Health Psychology

Ph.D. Psychoanalytic Studies

BIG registered clinical psychologist/psychotherapist

Membership IAAP

Membership AGAP


I have experience in general mental health as well as psychiatric care. I have worked with clients suffering from a great variation of different mental health problems, among them anxiety problems and depression, problems related to trauma, problems related to the personality, relationship problems and psychosomatic problems. Additionally I have worked with clients who suffer from problems related to life stages and people who are in search for meaning in their life.

About me

Dr. Marcel van den Akker earned his masters degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Rijks University of Leiden. He then followed an educational program under the auspices of the International Association for Analytical Psychology that lead to his certification as Jungian psychoanalyst and membership in the NAAP and the AGAP. For his doctoral degree he completed research at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University in Colchester, U.K.. The theme of this study was the role of religious renunciation within Jung’s psychological model. He has years of experience in the Dutch mental health care system and in work reintegration support. Since 1999 he has a private practice.