Karin Jironet

Ph.D., International Association for Analytical Psychology certified psychoanalyst

Languages: English, Dutch and Swedish
Geographic region of practice: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Rome (Italy)
T: 020- 470 10 13 | E: Jironet@xs4all.nl | W: www.jironet.com


Ph.D. in Theology, psychology of religion, specialized in mysticism; Master of Arts in Ethnology and Linguistics, Bachelor of Medical Science in Speech Pathology. Member of IAAP, NAAP, IAPR


Adults motivated to feel more complete within and wishing to live more authentically in their professional and personal base. Professionals, who are often working internationally in responsible roles, seeking to make a step in an unknown direction.

About me

For twelve years I worked within an established leadership institute in the Netherlands and learned first-hand how management and leadership responsibilities might well require that an individual grow beyond habitual ways of perceiving self and society. In times of transition, whether prompted by an inner transformation or shifts in the external environment, such recalibration of basic tenets is unavoidable.

My work is largely formed by the training I received as a Jungian psychoanalyst in Zurich and by my life-long personal journey through spiritual paths, particularly Sufism. These combine into a psycho-spiritual approach which has as its objective the creation of clarity and comfort, mainly through supporting the differentiation of a distinct “me” interacting in a living and fulfilling relationship with society.

My approach is both symbolic and concrete. I work with active imagination, dreams, symbol interpretation, as well as with psychodrama, voice and dialogue, and with breathing practices that help in stilling the mind.


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Articles published 2010-2011

Jironet, K. (2010) Religion and Symbols. NAAP conference