Frank Turner

M.Ed., International Association for Analytical Psychology certified psychoanalyst

Languages: English
Geographic region of practice: Holland
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Frank Turner


M.Ed. Boston University / Diploma in Analytical Psychology – C.G. Jung Institute – Zürich / Secretary: Satyagraha Foundation for Nonviolence Studies [] / Member: IAAP, AGAP, NAAP

About me

I underwent my training in psychoanalytic work at the C.G.Jung Institute in Zürich in the 1980’s. The foundation of that training involved working analytically with the symbolic material contained in expressions of one’s unconscious psyche such as dreams, spontaneous drawings or paintings, creative writing, and active imaginations, etc.

How I work therapeutically is probably best reflected in my approach to dream analysis. I regard a dream as a message to our conscious mind from the rest of ourselves (that is, our unconscious psyche). If we take that message seriously and try to understand it, we are taking up a dialogue with the rest of ourselves. We are seriously listening to what our unconscious psyche has to tell us. Accordingly, my role as therapist involves helping the dreamer come to a psychological understanding of a dream’s largely symbolic content. Such understanding is invaluable to an individual with respect to their process of psychological healing as well as growth or individuation. The attitude involved in taking one’s dreams seriously is crucial to the realisation and maintenance of an individual’s psychological well being.

There is a transcendent dimension to analytical work. This becomes especially relevant at critical moments when we have to make a serious transition in our lives, or when we suffer a major loss such as the death of someone dear to us, a painful relationship separation, or a serious challenge in the area of our livelihood or life’s work. These are essential concerns in psychotherapy.


Adults and teenagers, male and female