Ciske Balhan

GZ psychologist, Psychotherapist
International Association for Analytical Psychology certified psychoanalyst

Languages: Dutch, English, German
Geographic region of practice: Rotterdam
T: 010-4225914 | E:


Degree in Social Pedagogy, with minors in Social and Clinical Psychology (1976, University of Leiden). Psychotherapist at the RINO in 1990, member of the NVP, NVVP, BSJP and NAAP.


She works with all kinds of clients having mental health problems, with the exception of psychosis, addictions and severe suicidality. If more support is needed than she can offer, she will refer patients to others better qualified to treat these issues. She offers only long-term treatment (2nd line). Due to a full client load, she is not currently accepting new patients.

About me

Ciske first earned a degree in Social Pedagogy, with minors in Social and Clinical Psychology (1976, University of Leiden) and after working for several years in education (TU Delft and Rotterdam University), she began her training as a psychotherapist at the RINO in 1990, and combined this with the training to become an analyst at the Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis (BSJP, 1991). She initially worked for 5 years as a psychotherapist in training at the, then, Ursula Clinic within the Department of Eating Disorders. From 1994, she was head of the poli-clinical, non-residential Eating Disorders Clinic for the Bavo RNO Group, Rotterdam. In 2001 she was involved in the creation of the NAAP. Since 2005 she has worked in private practice in Rotterdam and is a member of the NVP, NVVP, BSJP and NAAP. Her specialties are in the areas of Insight (or Psychodynamic) Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and in Eating Disorders Treatment. As called for, rather than applying Psychoanalytical therapy, she offers behavioural or other more supportive methods. In the past few years she has been involved in the study of body-oriented psychotherapy (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy).


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