André de Koning

M.A., International Association for Analytical Psychology certified psychoanalyst

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French
Geographic region of practice: Perth, Western Australia. Skype sessions for those outside of Australia are available.
T: +61 894672216 | E: | W: (Ed.Board, nr.7)


Clinical psychologist; Jungian Psychoanalyst since 1984; Director of Training and former President of ANZSJA (Australian and NZ Society); Training Analyst since 1990


All types have been part of my practice, nowadays mainly for supervision. I see clients as well Online (see

About me

Born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 1951, André de Koning completed his doctoral examination in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leiden (1975), where he was a student of Professor J H van den Berg. Later, he was a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer in phenomenological psychology at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA (1974-1975) and a Thyssen Fellow at Heidelberg University, Germany (Department of Psychiatry; 1977-1978). André also worked in the United Kingdom for several years (1975-1977) in the field of Psychiatry.

He completed his training as a Jungian psychoanalyst in Brussels in 1983 and became a training analyst and member of the Training Committee of the Belgian Society for Analytical Psychology in January 1991.

Since moving from The Netherlands to Perth (Australia) in 1994, Drs. de Koning has been involved in the further development of training with the Australian and New Zealand Society for Jungian Analysts and its C G Jung Institute (ANZSJA-CGJI). He was Convener of Training from 1994-2003.

André was a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) from 1998-2004, and he was President of ANZSJA. Additionally, Drs. de Koning assisted in setting up the Singapore C G Jung Institute and has since taught courses there.


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