To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed…

CW7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, ¶ 242

Welcome to the NAAP

Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology


Remarkable find: Jung explaines his own “I don’t believe, I know” statement

In a famous BBC Face to Face interview (1959), when asked, do you believe in God, Jung gave the much debated, controversial answer: I don’t believe, I know.

In this Swiss interview, given even later (1960), Jung is asked a similar question. He then not only addresses it again, but also comments on his experience of surprise at hearing himself say I don’t believe, I know. (29:00-35:00)


To your Attention: The Thiados project: a shared imagination workshop.

The Thiados project receives a variety of guests from the contemporary Jungian world to present and discuss their ideas with the Brazilian Jungian community. Find out more: below, a link to their Youtube channel.


Year Seminar Depth Psychology of C.G. Jung

NAAP presents, moving forward to IAAP Training, seminar cycle, 24 September 2021 to 25 June 2022

Supported by a.o. Renos Papadopoulos, Murray Stein,

Peter Forshaw, Roderick Main read more [“Pilot 2021-2022 English”]

What is the NAAP

The NAAP is a professional community of Analytical Psychologists in the Netherlands. Analytical psychology (or Jungian Analysis) is based on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961), who developed theory and methods for treating psychological conditions as well as for promoting personal development.


NAAP Members

We are Analytical Psychologists certified by the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). We have acquired our certifications from IAAP member post-graduate institutions around the world. Each one of us has developed his or her individual approach to Analytical Psychology.

NAAP Activities

The NAAP organizes public lectures, study days, educational activities, symposiums, scientific research and publications. In accordance with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) the NAAP seeks to further promote the ideas of C.G. Jung that brought about the field of Analytical Psychology.

Analytical Psychology Today

C.G. Jung’s timeless work on exploring dimensions of the individual’s psychological life and that of the collective are as relevant today as in any other period of global transition.