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  • Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology

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Complaint statute

NAAP members are in accord with the NAAP Ethics Code. In 2017 a new law was established in the Netherlands having to do with ethics complaints and procedure (WKKGZ). The new law has had consequences for how the NAAP Ethics Commission functions and for those procedures that deal with client’s ethical complaints.

Complaint statute for clients

Should you have a complaint concerning your analyst or therapist, the advice is to first discuss this with him/her. Is it (still) necessary to make an ethics complaint? The complaint is no longer directed to NAAP Ethics Commission. The new law (WKKGZ) requires that NAAP members inform their clients concerning: 1) the current lawful ethics complaint procedure; 2) the name of the commission with which they are in accord; 3) its specific use in case of a complaint. A NAAP member will often have this information posted on their website, but should there be any lack of clarity or information from the analyst/therapist, do ask.

Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is available for all other ethical questions that may arise: 1) concerning the relationship between the provider (coach/counsellor/supervisor/teacher) and client; 2) the relationship between colleagues; 3) the relationship with the larger world. In all of these cases the NAAP Ethics Code is followed. The Ethics Commission can be contacted via ethischecommissie@naap.nl