The NAAP is a professional community of Analytical Psychologists in the Netherlands. Analytical psychology (or Jungian Analysis) is based on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961), who developed theory and methods for treating psychological conditions as well as for promoting personal development. Jungian Analysis is a rapidly growing and widely respected psychotherapeutic approach that belongs to the tradition of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychologies.

The NAAP meets rigorous international standards. The NAAP distinguishes itself from other Dutch organisations who base themselves on Jung’s work through its members’ qualifications. After an academic education, as part of their training all members have had years of intensive training analysis, clinical experience in psychiatry and substantial supervision. It is therefore the only Institute in the Netherlands recognised and sanctioned by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the worldwide supervisory organisation, created by Jung who set the highest standards for the training. All NAAP members are themselves IAAP certified Diplomate Analytical Psychologists. Ensuring high professional standards and ethical practice is of primary importance to the NAAP and its individual members.